B07 return from Japan after impressing at the Junior World Soccer Challenge

As the LFC Boys 2007 team trip to Japan has come to an end, we leave you with a few great moments from the trip - including matches and team outings.

The boys ended with an overall record of 2-1-2. This included two wins over Turf City FC (3-0) and Nishinomiya Soccer School (2-0). The boys bowed out in the Round of 16 with a hard fought loss against Sagan Tosu U-12.

Boys Director Brent Broadhurst and Coach Kenneth Castellanos have done a great job with this group and have expressed what an incredible job the boys did throughout the tournament!

What I have learned from my team’s teamwork is our chemistry between each other. But talking off the field or on the field is important because to be a good teammate you have to have chemistry with one another. But without our chemistry we would not be the team that we are. With the bond that we have we move the ball around and switch the point of attack. But when its time to score, its time! When we score we all laugh and we enjoy being part of that.

You got to move on and learn from our mistakes. But I think that we learned a thing or two, like I learned that it is important to get early goals from the start and to win your 50/50’s but I believed this tournament helped us in a way. Because you don’t know what’s going to happen in five minutes of a game no one knows, but you got to take care of those minutes.
— Ruben Morales - B07 Athlete
My favorite part abut Japan was playing soccer in a new environment and trying to adapt to the weather.
— Mohammad Badawiya B07 Athlete
My favorite part of the trip was winning our Group. My favorite part of visiting Japan was going to the Buddhist temple in Kyoto with Sammy & my dad.
— Patrick Castro B07 Athlete
Edwin Torres