Girls Development Academy Winter Showcase

The USSF Girls Development Academy wrapped up their inaugural Winter Showcase in Florida over the last week where all our Legends Academy teams competed to against DA teams from around the nation. Game match ups were based on league standings going into the event, which proved to hand us some very good competition, but teams stepped up to the challenge coming home with an impressive 7-1-1 record. Even better, our teams attracted over 100 college coaches out to watch games.

Academy Director Kevin Boyd said “We were challenged with the travel of going all the way to Florida, topped with weather extremes. It was hot & humid for the first games, then cold, windy & rainy for the last games. Amidst that we played Legends style soccer that generated results as well as compliments in the way that we play the game. All in all a great first event for us.”

Taylar Sklar