Winter Youth Camp

Legends FC Soccer Camp follow a 2 ½ -hour, 3-day format, designed to meet the developmental demands of players aged 6 to 14. This training program will rapidly advance the skills of young players and allow them to develop the most important elements of youth soccer in a professional environment and learn how to play the Legends FC way. Each participant will receive instruction from Legends FC professional staff coaches.


Legends FC Development focuses for this program:

Younger Kids U6-U10:

 - Ball familiarity and soccer techniques: ball control, passing, shooting.

 - Basic motor skills like running, jumping and diving with and without the ball.

 - Basic 1v1 and 2v2 attacking situations.

 - Basic balance and coordination with and without the ball.

 - Perception of team mates and opponents.

- Fun games incorporating topics.

Older Kids U11-U14:

 - Main soccer techniques: passing, ball control, turning and shooting.

 - Balance and coordination with and without the ball.

 - Effectiveness in 1v1 to 4v4 attacking and defending situations. More advanced decisions.

 - Basic attacking principles in the game: creating space, support and movement.

- Fun games incorporating topics.