Trace Soccer at the Legends Showcase

The 2019 Legends College Showcase has partnered with Trace Soccer  for video and player performance. Trace films using an automated camera from an elevated height to provide the optimal view for players, coaches and recruiters. In addition to game film, teams will receive Automated Player Moments and Individual Player Stats which can easily be shared with friends and family. 

Trace is a Subscription Based Model, so all Trace equipment will be shipped directly to your home prior to the event. Once you've uploaded all of your footage after the event, you can easily upgrade your package to a Choice or Elite Subscription! Game Film Packages must be pre-booked and all bookings will close on May 24th.

Click here to see all of the Trace packages being offered at the Legends College Showcase.  

Weekend Subscription Video Packages Include:

• 1-Sensor Case for up to 20 players

• Automated Player Clips

• Player Performance Stats

TRACE-BOTS are limited.

If you wish to have Trace film your games, please book online.

Email or call (888) 568-3264.



No more editing with automatic player clips

Trace creates clips of every player automatically, right after the game. Players can now review their own performance and learn while the game is fresh. using trace, families can easily share a link with college coaches who can review every touch in less than 3 minutes without effort.


Review the game while it's fresh

No more waiting. No more editing. Teams will be able to review video of their games, examine touch chains, check formation with radar, and analyze performance after each game to prepare for the next day.

We spent 4 hours in the hotel room going over all of our player clips by position. usually we have to clip all of that by hand and we review it a week later. We were reviewing this the same day for tomorrow’s game. That’s unbelievable.
— Mexican National Team at the 2017 Thanksgiving Showcase

Recruit without time constraints

Recruiters at the showcase will have access to a private list of all games that have been Traced. They can pull up any player’s highlights & touch chains as well as physical performance information. Evaluate more players faster and in less time. No more running around from field to field! With Trace, each player gets the look from college coaches that they deserve.


Share easily with family and friends

Share video of your son or daughter with a single click! Parents and relatives love Trace for the visibility it gives them into their child’s work, the fast turnaround speed, and how easy it is to use. Sharing is extremely easy and there is never anything hidden behind a log-in. If you can see it, you can share it.


Trace is simple to use

There’s no editing required or even allowed on the Trace platform. Everything is automated. But our simplicity goes deeper than this. There’s no username or password that you need to remember. No app that you need to download. Trace is meant to be lightweight and easy to use. It looks like Netflix for a reason–if you can use Netflix, you can use Trace. We want you to focus on improving your game, sharing video with family and recruiters, and becoming a better team instead of learning how to be a professional sports video editor.