We welcome you to the 2018 Legends Classic Tournament

The 11th annual Legends Classic is the spring classic bringing together some of the best teams and clubs Southern California and the Western Region have to offer.  With premier playing facilities and balanced brackets for all levels, this is the perfect way to kickoff your new teams' season and to incorporate new players and teams into your programs.  

Our tournament staff is here to make this a great experience for your team, with a focus on the players.  We will have all hands on deck during the tournament action. With our fantastic staff and hardworking volunteers, your tournament experience will be second to none.

Ages & Format:

U7 - 2011 (7v7)                      U11 - 2007 (9v9)                    U15 - 2003 (11v11)

U8 - 2010 (7v7)                    U12 - 2006  (11v11)                  U16 - 2002 (11v11)

U9 - 2009 (7v7)                   U13 - 2005  (11v11)                  U17 - 2001 (11v11)

U10 - 2008 (9v9)                 U14 - 2004  (11v11)                  U18 - 1999/2000 (11v11)

Registration Fees

2011-2009 -  $725

2008-2007 - $800 

2006-1999 -  $895



For any other questions, please contact our tournament director:

Chris Ramirez