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Legends FC College ID Camp is uniquely designed to provide all campers access to all college coaches in attendance in a variety of training sessions that providing a platform for players to showcase their skills and also benefit from direct training with college coaches.

For the last 4 years our ID College Camp has been completely sold out, attracting players from Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Arizona, Nor Cal, Utah, and So Cal.  ID Camp is open to both Legends and non-Legends players.

A rotation of collegiate coaches will take place in order to maximize not only the players experience, but also give you the ability to train with coaches from all divisional levels.  A group of coaches will work on Saturday and another group of coaches will work on Sunday.  This will give each player the opportunity to spend the entire day with specific coaches.

This camp will give you the opportunity to train with all levels of collegiate coaches and get a better understanding of what coaching style would be the best fit for you and your college experience. This camp will also be open to elite players from outside our program to give everyone the opportunity to work with other quality players from elite clubs.  At Legends FC we have produced many elite players through our curriculum and programs, that have gone on to play collegiate soccer, and this is just one of those programs that gives player a platform to take that next step. Per CIF rules the girls ID CAMP players will play in 5v5 format games, open scrimmages with more than five players will be played with in game restrictions. Boys ID CAMP will be 11v11 format games as date is outside of high school season. 

**Per NCAA recruiting rules our College Soccer ID Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by age, grade in school, or enrollment cap. Legends FC College ID Camp welcomes players from grade 7 to grade 12.

To read more about the success of this program and how your child could benefit from this click HERE.

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Boys ID Camp

At Legends FC our boys side has produced many elite players through our curriculum and programs, that have gone on to play collegiate soccer, and this is just one of those programs that gives players a platform to take that next step.

Our College ID Camp will give you the opportunity to train with all levels of collegiate coaches.  This opportunity will allow you to gain a better understanding of the expectations and style from each collegiate program.  Players will also participate in 11v11 games for a true player evaluation from each of the collegiate coaches.

This ID Camp is open to all players looking to make that collegiate jump. 


July 23-24, 2019 @ SilverLakes


5:00pm - 6:15pm  Check-in

6:30pm - 8:30pm Session #1

8:30pm - 8:45pm Q & A


9:00am - 12:30pm  Session #2 and Q & A


$175 Non-Legends FC players

$125 Legends FC players

Girls ID Camp LINKS


Registration for the Girl's College ID Camp is now open. Fees are below. *Note registration costs up up after Dec. 17th

If you would like to be added to the ID Camp waitlist please email cherigiltner@legends.net

Girls ID Camp 

Legend's vision is to offer an unparalleled opportunity for our club athletes and others to train with collegiate and professional coaches one-on-one, enabling them to understand what coaches are looking for, what the training regimen is like, and to develop a relationship with decision makers at the next level. 

Each year proves to have remarkable success with 2017 attracting 30 college coaches, representing 10 different conferences throughout the country including some of the greatest coaching minds in the game.   This camp was open to all 8th grade to 12th grade girls regardless of skill level.  


January 12-13, 2019 @ SilverLakes

COST - Before December 17th

Non-Legends FC players without lunch $200. With lunch $220

Legends FC players without lunch $175. With lunch $195

COST - After December 17th

$250 for all registrants

Past College Attendees

Arizona state

Arizona State University

Graham Winkworth


Azusa Pacific

Brooke Lincoln


Cal Baptist University

Tim Strader


Cal Poly Pomona

Jay Mason and Katie Smith


Cal State Bakersfield

Katie McArthur

Dominguez Hills

Cal State Dominguez Hills

Marine Cano and Samantha Feinstein

East Bay Pioneers

Cal State East bay

Jacob Pickard


Cal State Fullerton

Kellan Wilson and Demian Brown


Cal State LA

Erik Garcia


Cal State Northridge

Tony Castro

San Bernardino

Cal State San Bernardino

LeBaron Hollimon

San Marcos

Cal State San Marcos

Bobby Renneisen


Grand Canyon University

Malorie Rutledge


Long Beach State

Jeff Joyner


Loyola Marymount

Jessica White

LNew Mexico

New Mexico State

Rob Baarts


Norco Community College

Bryan Kuderman

Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona

Kylie Louw


Northern Colorado University

Tim Barrera

point loma

Point Loma

Kristi Kiely


St. Mary's College

Travis Clarke


Seattle University

Chris Wells


Shaw University

Josh Muffet


Purdue University

Jim Schneiderhahn


Stanford University

Kaylay Sullivan


UC Berkeley

Neil Mcguire and Austin Risenhoover


UC Davis

Twila Kauffman

uc riverside

UC Riverside

Kerry Smith and Nat Gonzalez


University of Arizona

Tony Amato and Kate Norton


University of Colorado

Dave Morgan


University of Georgia

Katie Ely


University of Houston

Blair Quinn


University of Idaho

Jeremy Clevenger


University of Illinois

Jeffrey Freeman


University of Iowa

Drago Ceranic


University of Louisville

Hunter Norton


University of Miami

Jeremy Williams


University of Michigan

Tiffany Hansen


University of Montana

Chris Citowiki

north dakota class=

University of North Dakota

Chris Logan

notre dame

University of Notre Dame

Dawn Sierjiej


University of Oregon

Cris Lewis

uni of sf

University of San Francisco

Pinder Nijjar


University of Texas - San Antonio

Mark Hiemenz


University of Utah

Scott Halasz


Washington State University

Todd Shulenberger


Past College ID Camps

The College Process

Student athlete checklist

Legends FC is renowned for assisting and elevating youth soccer players into universities and colleges through both academics and athletics. Legends FC provides valuable assistance, support, and mentorship to hundreds of players passing through the college process into Divison 1, Divison 2, and Division 3 NCAA universities and colleges.

The recruit ing process largely starts as players enter their freshman year of high school, the checklist below is a value resource to ensure players wishing to take their game to the collegiate level start off on the right track.