Professional Coaching & Management

The Legends FC coaching staff prides itself for a combined level of experience at all levels of the game: youth, collegiate, national, semi-professional, and professional.  The wealth of knowledge and expertise of our coaching staff is grounded in their education and direct experiences as former players and professional coaches, with an impressive resume of accomplishments.  Our coaches are well connected to the soccer world, and provide more than high-level coaching, but also provide mentorship and college recruitment resources.

Each team will be provided with a full-time, professionally licensed soccer coach that will make all the decisions for the team. The coaches will be paid to coach, manage, and monitor an environment where players can achieve the following objectives:

1) Develop each player’s confidence and individual soccer technique.  

2) Build a team training environment that fosters growth, learning, and team development.

3) Educate & teach the tactics of the game throughout a variety of activities within a year round program.

4) Promote players to reach the highest level of play.

5) Play games at the most prestigious youth soccer level in Southern California. 

The coaches and staff are responsible for the conduct of the team on and off the field when they are together and as a part of a club event. We insist that our players be polite, well behaved, and respectful. You can expect our coaches to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

The Directors of Coaching and Legends FC staff are responsible for creating an environment where you can play competitive and quality soccer. The club and the coaches guarantee to give players the tools and skills to enable them to become as good as their ability, desire, commitment, and effort will take them.

A unique facet of Legends FC is that our entire coaching staff works together on the development of not only their team but all the players in the program. There will be times that other coaches may run a practice, coach a game, or assist in any manner pertinent to teams within the club