About Us



To provide Inland Southern California’s youth with the highest quality soccer training and development in America

Core Values

Individual Player Development – We believe in helping every player reach their full potential

Competition – We believe healthy competition elevates standards and improves performance

Preparation – We believe physical, mental and technical training are all essential elements for success

Elite Coaching – We believe that skilled, knowledgeable and mature coaches are required to help players achieve maximum growth

Having Fun – We believe a positive, motivating environment produces the most effective and satisfying results for players

Legends Player Focus

  1. Develop each player’s confidence and individual soccer technique.
  2. Building a team training environment that fosters growth, learning, and team development.
  3. Educate & teach the tactics of the game throughout a variety of activities within a year round program.
  4. Promote players to reach the highest level of play
  5. Play games at the most prestigious youth soccer level in the U.S.A.

Legends FC Program Structure

Legends FC (LFC) is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization. LFC is a professional youth soccer program created for players to have the opportunity to excel and achieve excellence in the sport of soccer.

  • 8 Full time Coaching Directors overseeing all facets of the program
  • 50 + professional coaching staff monitoring the development of the players
  • 2 Goalkeeper Trainers to ensure that all GK needs are met
  • 3 Full time Operational Directors to provide better organization
  • LFC office available during regular business hours for better service to members
  • Committed Board of Directors & Volunteer Committees
  • 6 Elite Training & Game Facilities

Through the Legends FC extensive year-round training program, we hope that each member will acquire a passion and confidence to take with them on to the soccer field and into their life. You can expect from our organization consistent, organized, and purposeful instruction from a full time, professional coach who monitors their progress daily.